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Storytelling and abstract imagery


When director Paul Mignot asked me to join this project, we decided to take on the challenge of creating an entire film with no computer generated images. To do so I conducted research on the workings of the human brain and how best to illustrate it. I then filmed live elements such as plasma balls and optical fiber along with other secret receipts...  then Thomas Vanz assembled the footage in After-effects to further pursue Paul's vision.



Directeur de la création : Xavier Beauregard         Directeur de création : Alexandre Drouillard

Directeur artistique : Jordan Molina         Concepteur rédacteur : Ludovic Miege

Planneur stratégique : Éric Mironneau        

Responsables agence : Christophe Dufour, Frédéric Guiraudou, Camille Malgras

Production : Pascale Vinzant         Production digitale : Laure Desroches

TV Production : Sarah Bouadjera


Production : Yann Dubois       Réalisation : Paul Mignot        VFX : Nano - Roman Hill

Compositing : Thomas Vanz         Production son : Mathieu François

Sound Design : Anaïs Khout         Composition Originale : Polérik Rouvière

Immersive artist

Atelier des lumières

The Atelier des lumières in Paris commissioned Paul Mignot and I to make a film for the first edition of the immersive art festival. The following visuals were shot live on a 1cm2 surface, to be screened in the 3300m2 of the Atelier des lumières in Paris.

We decided to divide the Atelier des lumières into separate universes. The audience could then choose between a trip towards towards life, or chaos.


With over 10,000 visitors we would like to thank the entire Atelier des lumières and Immersive art festival team.

Artists : Roman Hill & Paul Mignot
Music and sound design : Jonathan Fitas
Production : Greenlight Films
Video mapping studio : Les Vandales
Motion graphic/art director : Antoine Caecke
Voice : Benoît Allemane
Filming of the event : Superbien

Bringing concepts to life

Dans la brume

In feature film Dans la brume directed by Daniel Roby, a mysterious toxic fog invades Paris streets.

VSF supervisor and flame artist Bruno Maillard asked me to develop the fog's surface texture. The fog needed to look alive, frightening and most of all, real.

The smoke I developed was shot to be composited at Fix Studio / Quad on the surface of a CGI fog developed by Fix Studio's team. Working with live elements allowed us to make fast and intuitive tests, in search of the perfect accident. All this with a level of textures and realism difficult to reach with CGI.